Rad Map Zürich

<< What to do on a weekend in Zürich >>

i was asked to create a map of Zürich with my favorite places in town and what a weekend possibly could look like. well, there are many rad places in Zürich, and it was hard to make a decision, but these are my eight favorite places. enjoy.

1. Skate the hell out of this rad skatepark

2. Feed the hungry stomach with some nice food from "bio für jede" at a squatted parking lot "Parkplatz"

3. have a swim at the Zürich lake and eat the best Gelati in town from a surfer dude

4. Not enough money for Zürich's expensive nightlife? no problem! Sing some songs here and you are back in the game.

5. you earned your self some nice Momos at the “Tenz Takeaway“ before dancing your feet off at the "Langstrasse" 

6. no one knows how you ended up here at "hardbrücke" but let's make some memories from an epic night at this old school Photoautomat for two bucks

7. The best, and worst, ideas come around 5am, so how about watching the sunrise from the city mountain "uetliberg"

8. with the last of your energy drag yourself to the rooftop pool and just relax for the rest of sunday

the end

and some sketches